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Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?

Are you a busy stay-at-home or working parent, and don’t have the time to drive across town for an appointment?

Do you live in a more rural area, or maybe you prefer to just do things Virtually?


If so, we can help you through virtual therapy.

Cassandra on a virtual call

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Telehealth allows us to provide counseling and therapy to our clients via live video conferencing. This can be done anywhere you have a computer or smartphone.

Telehealth appointments can be very beneficial if getting to a traditional in-person appointment is not convenient, or you simply just don’t want to.

Our telehealth solution allows you to schedule an appointment directly online and have the entire therapy session take place digitally. To learn more and get started with virtual therapy, please contact us today.


Remote Learning

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a short-term, problem-focused form of behavioral treatment that helps people see the difference between thoughts, and feelings, and free them from unhelpful patterns of behavior.

Image by Joice Kelly


Anxiety doesn't have to control your life anymore. Identifying distorted thoughts can be helpful. CRZCares will empower you in your healing to be free from worry, fear, and self-doubt.


We are here to help work through the traumas of the past so they no longer dictate your present. We create a space for you to process and find healing and peace.

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With couples therapy, you’ll learn how to communicate your feelings and needs, and get what you want out of your relationship.

Young Gay Couple
Image by K. Mitch Hodge


Are you feeling hopeless, isolated and not your usual self? We can help. Allow CRZCares to identify and address your situation.


Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness can help you develop and implement peace and harmony within yourself and others in an otherwise chaotic world.

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